G-String Wearing Seal

One little seal in New Zealand is relieved to have been freed from an embarrassing situation…a g-string tangled around its neck. Ironically the poor little tyke had been frolicking around Lover’s Leap cliffs in  Otago when it came face to face with the disused garment (probably smelled like ….oh never mind) . Anywho, a ranger eventually came to its rescue.


Filed under Friggin Gross, Friggin Wildlife

8 responses to “G-String Wearing Seal

  1. How embarasskin, as Popeye might say! Good thing the ranger came along when he did. That kind of humiliation could’ve led him to leap off those cliffs himself! 🙄

  2. susi spice

    it was probably my ex bf’s g..he was such a freak haha

  3. Scott

    “(probably smelled like…oh never mind)”

    That’s hilarious!
    Reminds of me of this joke from those halcyon days of political incorrectness:

    What’s a definition of total confusion?

    Twenty blind lesbians in a fish market.

  4. Androgoth

    So is the Ranger sporting that one now then? 😦 lol

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