What’s An Olympics Without Accusations of Doping

Here’s the thing Chinese female swimmer, if you smash your personal best by more than 5 seconds and swim faster that the men’s number 1 to claim a gold medal, expect all eyebrows to be raised. 16 year old Ye Shiwen is under attack after what many coaches say is an “unbelievable” 400m individual medley world record. There has now been a call for an investigation into the Chinese, not just for doping but for the use of genetic manipulation. Seriously, is it that important to win a silly medal and destroy your country’s reputation?


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14 responses to “What’s An Olympics Without Accusations of Doping

  1. The only reputation the Chinese have is “ruthlessness” on all levels. It won’t be long before the second language thought at schools around the World is Cantonese. Save the medals for those who truly deserve them….. Next.

    • …. I think you meant taught LOL!!!!

    • Cameron

      megagetoverit, Cantonese is a dialect and not the official language of China, there are dozens of Chinese dialects and only one official spoken dialect which is Mandarin. And what’s wrong with learning a Chinese language at school? May be you should do some learning before you post. Who really deserves the medal?… well isn’t it innocent until proven guilty anyway, or are you applying communist Chinese law?

    • Androgoth

      Hmm… It could be handy when ordering a Chinese
      meal though, or is the ’69’ a Lied Frice with Bogs Done? lol

  2. That’s ok, he struggles with ‘of ‘ as well. I just struggle with this whole keyboard lol.

  3. Well having said that I’ve sent this laptop flying twice this week and this morning it landed on it’s side smashing the wireless modum. 30 minutes later and a trip down the street, I am $79.95 out of pocket but with 3 extra g but I am now back on air. The joys of the internet, It keeps me friggin poor! It was not all in vain though as I popped into St Vinnies and met a tall dark headed guy who was actually on the groung looking at LPs. He was chuckling and muttering to himself so I commented he must have found some good gear which he said he did . We found some old EPs he’d been looking for for years. Now convinced that he’s not mad at all just excited He bade me farewell and said that if he didn’t see me again to have a ” Merry Christmas”. I thought to myself ” Hmm ….that’ll do it lol”

  4. Or Maybe she’s just a really good swimmer & everyone’s jealous.. Tall Poppy syndrome.
    Or maybe she’s a roid head???

    • Most athletes who have shown “extraordinary” winning times, have proven to be cheats… Ben Johnson, Marion Jones, Anastasios Gousis to name a few ….. Swimming in particular is a sport where only 0.01 + of seconds are normally shaved from records. I don’t think it is racist to question China , it is hypocritical not to.
      I remember the Irish female swimmer Michelle Smith at the Atlanta Olympics winning 3 gold medals. She was accused of doping but nothing was proven, however two years later she was later caught tampering with urine samples and given a 4 year ban.
      I think athletes and coaches are simply getting better at masking it.

      • Cameron

        She was tested after the event, shown to to clear.

      • So was Marion Jones and Michelle Smith….. 😦

      • Masking has got so much more sophisticated than the testing. Lance Armstrong was cleared but is still facing charges. It is the sad face of sport.

      • How true when so much emphasis is put on Winning & being the best to get the Gold. Even a silver medal seems to be looked down upon. I was watching a swimmer last night who was in tears & all upset because she didn’t come 1st. Looks like the old saying “It’s not if you win or lose but how you play the game” doesn’t count anymore. Winning at any cost has become too important & people no longer feel bad about cheating if it gives them the win.

      • But the Japanese girl who won the bronze was over the moon.

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