Granny Gets Maced

When an elderly disabled man stopped his car outside the Home Depot store (blocking a bit of the road) to let out his elderly disabled wife, some nasty woman drove passed, screaming abuse. Not being completely content scaring the crap out of the frail couple, she continued her tirade  after parking her car. Oh it didn’t stop there. The woman then pulled out a can of pepper spray and let the elderly woman have it in the face before fleeing. Fortunately, the public helped police to track down the culprit and arrest her. Hmm, well maybe she will move faster getting out of the car next time (kidding people, kidding!!!).



Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World

4 responses to “Granny Gets Maced

  1. And they say people have no patience these days.

  2. LOOOON !! that will be us one day

  3. Actually I bought some pepper spray oin Ebay and I’ve had it a few years now. It looks like it is eveaporating a bit too. I bought it when DICKHEAD DAVE and TUNYAAAAAAAAAAAAA lived next door and he used to just try to open doors .I was so hoping to useit on him one day.

  4. People can be such impatient mongrels. Hey maybe Sam could use Mace on old Ma Smith

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