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Move On Nothing To See Here But Tanning Mom

Oh lord, make this 15 minutes of fame stop!!!!! Patricia Krentcil (aka tanning mom) was a drunken mess at the opening of a nightclub in New York, managing to attack the drag queen host before being unceremoniously removed via the back door. Yes, it was all recorded ….



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Dude, Where’s My Garlic Knot?

A pizza delivery guy is recovering after a customer punched him fair in the face after he forgot his garlic knots. There’s a lesson in that!

Psst Florida


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Lest We Forget

I can’t begin today without a mention of the 5 soldiers who Australia lost yesterday in Afghanistan. Three of those were shot at point plank range by a man “wearing an Afghan National Army uniform” and who was thought to be an ally. The other two were Australian special forces soldiers who were aboard a International Security Assistance Force helicopter when it crashed. To the families and loved ones, both prayers and thoughts.


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Hey, I’m Beside Myself

Oh for crying out loud. An Asian tourist joined in the  search for a missing woman, oblivious to the fact it was her they were looking for. The woman was declared missing after she got off a tour bus and changed clothes and her group then failed to recognized her when she got back on board. The search involved 50 people and went throughout the night until the penny dropped and the woman realized the description of the missing woman  sounded a lot like her.


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Father’s Day Fail

I’m going for epic fail …


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Leaf me Alone

When a woman in Tennessee saw a man with a leaf blower blowing grass cuttings onto her car she was furious. She was even more so when she confronted him and he raised the running blower at her “in an offensive and provocative manner” sending dirt and debris into her face. Hmm, that’s a simple assault charge right there!


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Get Rich On Whale Sick

Humans are gross!!!

How much is sperm whale upchuck  worth you may well ask? Well, if you happen upon a 600 gram piece of whale sick, you could be  £40,000 richer.  Just ask the British schoolboy who found a chunk of chuck on a beach in Bournemouth. Seems the sweet smelling  rock like substance is highly sought after with perfume makers because it prolongs the scent or perfume. Hmm, I wonder what fool first discovered that?

Psst I wonder if it has carrots in it?


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Holy Indian Misinterpretation Batman

Rajesh Shah, a men’s clothing shop owner in India, has upset the local Jewish population by naming his store “Hitler”. Shah named it after his business partner’s grandfather who was nicknamed Hitler. Shah swears the only thing he knew about the Nazi dictator was he was strict.  Hmm, me thinks he fibs as he has used the Indian swastika for the dot above the i.


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Naked Salutes For Harry

Israeli soldiers salute you Harry

Harry’s little exploit in Las Vegas not only got him a bucket full of woe from his granny but his girlfriend  dumped him. Now there is talk that Captain Harry Wales of the 3 Regiment Army Air Corps may be disciplined  by the army too. Dear god, is no one amused? Hmm, yes, about 30,000 of you. Facebook has now got a page encouraging people to go full monty in support of the best friggin prince EVER.  Go on support Harry with a naked salute right here.


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Protesting Vaginas

Quick, everyone over to I Want Ice Water, he’s got a vagina post….. seems the vaginas aren’t happy.


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