Shawstink Redemption

A man in Modesto had two options, get arrested by police or flee into a hotel septic tank. He chose the latter. Despite police and emergency crews trying to coax him out of the sewage he refused to budge unless his mom told him to do so. Enter mom on speaker phone who told him to get the hell out of there. He complied but refused to be hosed down so police did what they had to do, instead of arresting him they handed him over to a family member who had arrived at the scene . Hmm, your stinking problem now!


Filed under Friggin Gross, They Live Among Us !

8 responses to “Shawstink Redemption

  1. How old was this “man”? Sounds about 8.

  2. Scott

    That’s just short of police brutality!

    • Scott

      Come to think of it, though, if they would have hosed him down, someone would have videotaped it and presented it as “evidence” of police brutality!

  3. Oops missed a word. Why is it police brutality?

  4. Anonymous

    shit happens…

  5. Androgoth

    This is one of the most stinkiest
    postings that I have ever seen 🙂 lol

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