Chocolate Has Been Around Before Christ

Who took my soft centers??????

OK, we might have to whisper because the Wombies may hear this, but a 2500 year old chocolate has been found in Mexico. I said shhhhh. Evidently this is the first time  a piece of chocolate has been unearthed  in a pre-Hispanic site. Archeologists have only previously found traces of cacao beans in beverages not solid foods, suggesting that someone didn’t finish eating their chocolate!!!!!


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11 responses to “Chocolate Has Been Around Before Christ

  1. If there’s no chocolate in heaven I don’t want to go

  2. omg how could they leave chocolates like that…
    now we know why they died….

  3. That is sacrilegious to wombats

  4. Remember the scientists who ate some of the meat from a frozen mammoth, and found it safe? Wonder if they’ll try some of the chocolate!

  5. I take my hat off to the crazy F@@ckers who try stuff like that but I also take it off to women with more than two kids lol

  6. Androgoth

    It could have been Neanderthal dung for all we know? 😦

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