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  1. We came in the name of chocolate.

  2. That is me in the middle…so cool…

  3. That picture is a fake, Loon. Those are just people wearing masks.

  4. Did they really go to Mars or was it just faked in a desert somewhere. I struggle with the thought that a country with trillions of dollars debt can spend a fortune to send a high tech camera to another planet. Don’t make sense to me. I’m not anti-American in any way, but can’t help thinking that surely the money could be better spent for the benefit of the American citizens.

    • A studio in the Nevada Desert? Damn, they are getting good at this!!!

    • I’m all for helping American citizens, so I’m going to try and figure this out.

      It cost 2.6 billion (2,600,000,000) to send Curiosity to Mars.
      There are currently 311,591,917 people in the united states (2011 estimate). 23.7% are under 18 (not taxpayers).

      This means that if we spread the cost of the Curiosity mission out to every American over 18, we’d all get ten dollars and ninety four cents. Unless my maths is wrong. (That happens sometimes, I have a US education).

      I think that’s almost enough to buy everyone a pizza. Two if it’s Little Cesar’s pizza, but I don’t like their crust.

      Hold on, I just found another site that estimates the number of taxpayers in the US at 143 million! (I’m confused by this in comparison to the census data I used the first time, who are these people over 18 that aren’t paying taxes?). That puts the amount for the pizza at 17.38 (according to their maths). This gets us a much better pizza, but we’ll still want to look for a deal. (I always look for a deal).

      Pizza Hut is having a limited time any-size, any pizza, any toppings deal for 10 bucks! That means I can get one decent pizza for myself and my wife, and a crappy Little Cesar’s pizza for the kids (they like that one more anyway – go figure).

      Or we can have Curiosity on Mars – which is sort of fun to watch, but would you pay 17.38 for admission to this show? I mean, the average matinee movie is 7 bucks. For the price of Curiosity, I could watch two movies and split a large popcorn with my wife. I don’t know…

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