Do wee really need to know?

Seems that the US Olympian swimmers aren’t bashful about admitting to peeing in the pool and in fact they are proud of it. After Ryan Lochte fessed up to letting it trickle in the Olympic pool while warming up in London , Michael Phelps has also come of  the water closet too.


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4 responses to “Do wee really need to know?

  1. See Loon I told you can never get in anyone’s spa either. Unbeknown to you they piss in it EEEK!

  2. We spend the first 9 months of life floating in our own pee. If you go to the olympics, you get to spend three months floating in everyone else’s.

  3. Yanks soaking in pee? Wait until they drown in their own shit….. Because they will eventually….Cheers…..where is my wetsuit?….I need to pee….oops too late…old age is a bastard….

  4. Androgoth

    So they are artists and swimmers, how cool 🙂

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