Who’s The Man In The Windshield?

OK loons, have a guess whose face this is in that blob of bird poop.  Go on, take your time.

If you said Michael Jackson take a bow. Some dude in Chicago was lucky enough to have some bird shit the late singer onto his windshield. He told reporters how he suddenly saw Jacko appear before his very eyes and how it became even more evident when the poop hardened.  Now he has plonked the windshield on eBay at a reserve price of $500. Smooth criminal.


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18 responses to “Who’s The Man In The Windshield?

  1. Bill

    Looks just like bird crap to me.

  2. celticqueen1

    No I saw MJ straight away and thought I bet he’s gonna put it on Ebay. I must now go and take a look.

  3. Red

    I am with Bill. Then again, I tried to never see Jacko anyway…

  4. this bird sees dead people too..

  5. Scott

    I don’t see Michael Jackson at all. I actually see a portrait of a beautiful brunette with her hand at her chin, as if in deep thought. Maybe it’s the “Virgin Mary” after being “raped” by the “Holy Spirit”–wondering if her face will be seen in bird shit someday!

  6. I’m not an animal I’m bird shit

  7. If you turn on the wipers he moonwalks…

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