Deadly Pickles

Hell has no fury like a contaminated pickled Chinese cabbage. So far 10 people, mostly elderly, are dead in Japan from eating the e-coli infested  pickles processed by a factory in Sapporo. More than 103 others have been upchucking and feeling downright sick from the nasty bacteria.


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3 responses to “Deadly Pickles

  1. I live in fear of e -coli and living in the country when little old biddies give me jars of jams or pickled anything I just cringe. They are half blind and having had a really bad stomach bug once I just toss them out . Sounds ungrateful I know but I don’t want to be ‘Dead’, not yet anyway. I accept them appreciatively but never ever eat them.

  2. I see pickles and Jams at our local Farmer’s Market and think WTF are they serious?? How do I know they wash their hands when they go to the loo ???? lolol My bad I go for the plants and certain orchids.

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