A cross dressing bandit has held up a gas station in Geelong, Melbourne. Police say he was wearing  “fake nails, blue eye shadow, red lipstick and black stockings” and  had “demanded cash and cigarettes in a manly voice.” If you recognize him,  be kind and don’t tease him.



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20 responses to “Dude?

  1. Wow… nasty looking queen…

  2. This dude will never live this down. Just wait till his very own mates recognise that face on TV. Geelong isn’t that far from here so it may be one of our very own cross dressers, still I wouldn’t want to be him. By the way the cop on TV thought your make up wasn’t applied properly. Also those tissues were pretty obvious, if you want to look the part at least wear a bra!!

  3. Well until Loon releases my other wayward post I think this guy is in for a bad time. His mates will recognise him and take the piss out of him for the rest of his life. By the way the cop thought your make up was crap. I hope I don’t see you down the street as I will recognise that face, I mean who is ever gonna forget it. AND false nails. what were you thinking ? I can’t even pick things up with them.

  4. FAKE nails?
    Where is the dedication?!

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