So What Do You Think?

OMG, a Spanish pensioner in her 80s decided she’d surprise her priest by attempting to restore a 19th century fresco in the local church. Shame she actually didn’t know how to paint. Check out her seriously blotched DIY job …


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10 responses to “So What Do You Think?

  1. She should have used crayons…. silly old girl…. ah well …nothing is forever… 🙂 PS: Have I not seen this image on a taco shell before?

  2. This brings to mind the movie Mr. Bean and Rowan Atkinson’s ‘retouch’ of Whistler’s Mother.

  3. She should be given a beribboned medal cast especially in her honor at a state function.
    She’s a true art lover deserving of great praise.
    Her intervention revealed the true picture.

  4. She made him look like a golliwog with a big mouth. Apparently it wasn’t her fist touch up job but maybe that wasn’t in painting.

  5. GOOO!!!!
    (Actually… i looks a bit like me, now.)

  6. Androgoth

    It’s Planet of the Apes all over again 😦

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