Naked Salutes For Harry

Israeli soldiers salute you Harry

Harry’s little exploit in Las Vegas not only got him a bucket full of woe from his granny but his girlfriend  dumped him. Now there is talk that Captain Harry Wales of the 3 Regiment Army Air Corps may be disciplined  by the army too. Dear god, is no one amused? Hmm, yes, about 30,000 of you. Facebook has now got a page encouraging people to go full monty in support of the best friggin prince EVER.  Go on support Harry with a naked salute right here.


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16 responses to “Naked Salutes For Harry

  1. OMG there’s a lot of loons on that page! Relatives of yours my dear? 🙄

  2. OMG have you seem the women RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN EEEK ? don’t show what’s not nice ladies.
    WARNING: check out ninemsn ….it’s scary.

  3. Oops that should have been warn, Isn’t it bad? I’m still trying to erase the image from my mind. MAKE IT STOP !! lol. They are SOOOO bad !

  4. Pomes what do you expect? Pomes and Kiwis they have no shame lololol.
    I was expecting body beautifuls butr I freaked out when I saw these tubs of lard. It’s like “quick put your clothes back on….NOW ” lol.

  5. It’s not all bad news for harry – he’s apparently been offered a role in a porn movie

    Perhaps that offer was made because someone’s had a sneak preview of the amateur video he unwittingly starred in?

    That’s right, apparently it wasn’t just pics that were taken of his royal nakedness. Some rotten bugger (probably an anti-royalist, the cad 1) took a video which The royal family fear is going to be made public !

  6. Oh well Dunc , I mean let’s face it who hasn’t been caught naked in a billiard hall caressing naked women. Happens all the time pft! Well at a least he now has another career to fall back on … or get on top of lol. Go Harry! He’ s taking after his mum and I’m not saying that like it’s a bad thing. I really liked that home wrecking, slutty, figure to die for, man magnet. She was anything but boring. Unlike the rest of them.

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