Holy Indian Misinterpretation Batman

Rajesh Shah, a men’s clothing shop owner in India, has upset the local Jewish population by naming his store “Hitler”. Shah named it after his business partner’s grandfather who was nicknamed Hitler. Shah swears the only thing he knew about the Nazi dictator was he was strict.  Hmm, me thinks he fibs as he has used the Indian swastika for the dot above the i.


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5 responses to “Holy Indian Misinterpretation Batman

  1. So … he hates Jews…What a nutta…

  2. I have to send this on to my Jewish friend who continually accuses me of being an anti semite just because I’ve always driven Mercs . He used to buy Jags all the time and they were never out of the garage. He’s now moved on to a soft top Lexus. Yeah right, he thinks it’s a chick Magnet. Yello…… you’re 66 now. lololol I used to say “IT’S JUST A CAR” I don’t love Germans. Lol They tend to be a bit like that. They will not buy anythng German. He’s gonna love this one.

  3. He probably watched a lot of episodes of ‘Dad’s Army’. Not a recommended history course that.

  4. Androgoth

    They will be goose-stepping
    to the changing rooms and throwing
    towels over sun loungers next…

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