Now I Got Bacteria On My Butt!!!!

Stephen Shen, Taiwan’s environmental minister, wants men to friggin sit down when they go for a leak in public toilets. Seriously, you guys couldn’t hit the hole if you tried!!! Anywho, he has suggested that men sit on the toilet seat rather than stand so the next bloke doesn’t have to shoot around the mess .  One person on a Taiwanese forum posted “I’d love to see Stephen Shen and (President) Ma Ying-jeou demonstrate on TV how to sit down to pee,” Hmm, next there will be calls to put the friggin lid down.

Psst I bet it was his wife’s idea.


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8 responses to “Now I Got Bacteria On My Butt!!!!

  1. Actually, being a man, and knowing what poor aim my brothers have, I’m thinking it might not be such a bad idea. My concern is they’ll start phasing out the fly in the front of our boxers! 🙄

    BTW, if I were a woman. I’d rather find the seat UP after a man uses it. At least then you KNOW he hasn’t whizzed on it!! 😯

  2. Rock and a hard place. It’s all in the education. When my two guys were a home I placed a sticker on the back of the toilets ” IF YOU MISS YOU CLEAN THE PISS” End of story! I never had that problem. Guests used to comment on it and I told them it applies to them too and would ask them if they needed a mop and bucket. It’s a disgusting habit. It’s a huge hole and none of you seem to have a problem with the smaller one.

  3. Don’t you guys like a bit of privacey when you need to pee? Ok Mega we know you’re an exhibitionist but I think I’d feel like someone was watching me using urinals in public toilets. EWH! Not to mention the way the smell. Friggin turn on the water for God’s sake.

    • My toilet is spotless at home.. try placing a picture of our Prime minister on the bottom of the bowl…. it does wonders…

    • Dear celticqueen1 …. it’s a piss we are talking about…… Most other places in the World you can hang the chewy out and piss against a tree without the fear of being prosecuted for indecent exposure. Just a call of nature sweet queenly one…. PS: If some one wants to look, good luck to them…. Nothing much to show anyway….

  4. You’re pissing on Julia? Good lad lol

  5. PS: some of the more modern toilet urinals actually have a blow fly stuck on the target area…. very helpful…..

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