Hey, I’m Beside Myself

Oh for crying out loud. An Asian tourist joined in the  search for a missing woman, oblivious to the fact it was her they were looking for. The woman was declared missing after she got off a tour bus and changed clothes and her group then failed to recognized her when she got back on board. The search involved 50 people and went throughout the night until the penny dropped and the woman realized the description of the missing woman  sounded a lot like her.


Filed under Friggin Dumbass, Friggin Hilarious, Whoops!

9 responses to “Hey, I’m Beside Myself

  1. I think it’s awesome she found herself. So many people never do. It’s a rare opportunity. I’m sure she was relieved.

  2. I have a sign over my computer table that says: “I’ve gone to find myself. If I get back before my return, keep me here.”

  3. Who are you looking for?
    Here I am.

  4. Where did you find me? lol idiot lol

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