Get Rich On Whale Sick

Humans are gross!!!

How much is sperm whale upchuck  worth you may well ask? Well, if you happen upon a 600 gram piece of whale sick, you could be  £40,000 richer.  Just ask the British schoolboy who found a chunk of chuck on a beach in Bournemouth. Seems the sweet smelling  rock like substance is highly sought after with perfume makers because it prolongs the scent or perfume. Hmm, I wonder what fool first discovered that?

Psst I wonder if it has carrots in it?


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12 responses to “Get Rich On Whale Sick

  1. Keep spraying it on your face girls…. Gee …if only people knew what half of the cosmetics where made of…… Hello cancer…….

  2. Loon that’s exactly what I was thinking? Who would know this kind of stuff?. No sauce with that as I’d like to know the full story, i.e. who the kid took it too, how they knew EXACTLY what it was, I’m intrigued. Was it washed up did the whale upchuck after being washed up. This is one of those stories that I just have to know.

  3. Anyone know how to make a whale sick?

  4. I was watching a documentary which showed whales mating and you’d only need nail clippers. The size of the whale’s body and the size of his penis is so out of proportion it’s not funny.

  5. In fact I think if I remeber correctly the other people in the room were going “REALLY!!!!!!!”. It was worm and wriggly like. Yep good description! lol Loon where are your pulling these stories from lately? lolol

  6. I’d toss my cookies for some of that money

  7. Androgoth

    Actually you will be extremely surprised to learn that Neanderthal sick is recommended for a well known face scrub, indeed you ladies have been rubbing sick over your faces for absolutely ages, well if you believe that puking great fib then you will believe anything 🙂 lmao

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