Leaf me Alone

When a woman in Tennessee saw a man with a leaf blower blowing grass cuttings onto her car she was furious. She was even more so when she confronted him and he raised the running blower at her “in an offensive and provocative manner” sending dirt and debris into her face. Hmm, that’s a simple assault charge right there!


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9 responses to “Leaf me Alone

  1. Stupid woman… never get in the way of a man holding a leaf blower from his groin outwards. I am shore she was furious and therefore the first to be offensive… Charge her for being stupid…next

  2. Blow leaves on my car and your groin will be really sore …

  3. No I was talking about my old Ford wagon. My workhorse. I have nothing but respect for this wagon.

  4. Yeah, that’s really a stupid / mean thing to do… but… assault? Sounds like a bunch of hot air to me.

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