Honey, Just Use The Tablecloth, Mommy Forgot The Toilet Paper

OMG, a woman in the US was caught potty training her snowflakes at a restaurant. Yes, you heard me, a friggin restaurant.Horrified customer, Kimberly Decker, who originally thought the little kids  were sitting on booster seats,  snapped a photo of one of them perched on her potty (while eating chicken nuggets) and then later posted it on Facebook. Decker said “The more you thought about it, the more unappetizing everything looked around me,”


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8 responses to “Honey, Just Use The Tablecloth, Mommy Forgot The Toilet Paper

  1. I was disgusted when I read this. What sort of an example is this to set young children? Call herself a mother? This woman should be ashamed of herself. These poor kids are going to grow up now thinking it’s O.K. to eat chicken nuggets !!!

  2. Eating AND pooing. Oh well in one end and out the other. I know people who also have some queer toilet habits. They have a magazine rack in there. How disgusting is that? No, the toilet is for shitting in , get on, get out, wash your hands and forget about it. Read in the lounge or in bed not the toilet. I can’t think of anything worse than a magazine rack in the loo!!!! And that’s my sister’s husband. Imagine what else he does in there?

  3. He’s Serb, he’d argue with the crossword.

  4. Kids were making their own nuggets.

  5. Androgoth

    What a stinking meal that would be 😦

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