Look Away Sensitive Loons

OMG, this is the worst story I have heard all day. British police believe a frozen body found splattered on a car in London probably dropped from an airplane undercarriage while making its descent. No, I am not making this up. Police think the man may have been a stowaway who froze during the flight then fell out when the landing gear came down.Oh dear, poor thing.


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7 responses to “Look Away Sensitive Loons

  1. That would have been quite horrible.

  2. I would rather die being run over by a bus than fall out of the sky onto London… No dignity here….. poor bastard…RIP bro…

  3. I’m glad it wasn’t my car and sorry bro …… but…. you shouldn’t have done that, you could have killed someone else. Social conscience I always say!!

  4. George

    Dang! From First Class to Worst Class.

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