Greece Is Clutching At Straws

You know your country is screwed when you have to set up a task force to scour the historical archives looking for unpaid reparations to starve off bankruptcy . Seems Germany may still owe Greece some $7.5 million  for Nazi war crimes . Greece believes they still have the right to lay claim to the unpaid World War II money. Hmm, this could be interesting considering Germany has been the biggest donor of bail out packages for the debt ridden country since Greece’s plummet from the Eurosphere .


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5 responses to “Greece Is Clutching At Straws

  1. Time to turn the donations into loans.

  2. Binky

    Biting the hand that loans you?

  3. With all the money that Germany has given them, I’m fairly certain they are even… no wait, Greece has been given so much that they owe Germany.

  4. Germany should hire the red light camera origami guy.

  5. angy

    i think that germany must pay for that!!!

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