Oh, The Humanity

While most of America took time to remember the victims of 9/11 by having a moment of silence at the exact time the first plane struck the north tower, NBC News decided to be a little different by interviewing Kris Jenner instead. Cue outrage. Seems her breast implants and TV show “Keeping up With the Kardashians” were a bigger ratings grab.


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16 responses to “Oh, The Humanity

  1. Ironic that most of the people in Afghanistan have never heard of 9/11. When shown photos of the burning towers they thought the event may have taken place in Kabul… Little they even knew how much their capital has been flattened by American bombs killing thousands more civilians then those non jews that where burried in the trade centre rubble…yeah …stop and think about ALL the victims…

  2. The lack of care and feelings for a national tragedy of this magnitude are only one reason I avoid the ‘news’ on our television networks.
    Makes me ill. Posted my own thoughts on this and the personal horror that will never leave many of us.
    Mercifully I missed the Kardashian special report on tits.

  3. Not all Americans are so ethnocentric. you are an example. Your words are important

  4. What about some fine colourful cows Loon?

  5. Why can’t they just go away? I caught my daughter watching their show on the sly and I had a coronary.

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