Royal Blush

What is worse than a French Magazine publishing topless photos of  Prince William’s wife? Hinting they have photos of her and William having sex. Dear lord, leave them alone. William , who is apparently fuming, has sought to sue the magazine. Meanwhile the editor has justified the  publishing of intimate photos by saying Prince Harry would feel ‘less alone’ when the magazine hits shelves. La bitch.

Psst 1 Fergie  denies she was seen in France with a long lens.

Psst Oh and for the record she is no longer Kate Middleton but Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.


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3 responses to “Royal Blush

  1. Sorry, but I have to say that as a Royal you know that that lens is never too far from sight. Keep your gear on like a good royal should. Didn’t they learn anything from Diana? Whotf needs to be out topless, newlywed or not? They are ROYALS and after the Harry episode, you’d think they’d learn. Stay indoors and take care of the intimate stuff as you bring this shit on yourself. It’s hard to be taken seriously by your adoring public when you are vieling yourself one minute and flaunting it the next. We can get away with it, you can’t.

  2. Hey, loon

    Remember those nude pics of Harry and the folk supporting him by posting pics of themselves naked online ?

    I was thinking of starting a similar campaign over at madhatters – inviting women who felt publishing pics of Kate’s nips was an invasion of her privacy to show solidarity by sending in pics of their own naked boobs to be published in madhatters 😉

    But, b*gger me, some b*stard beat me to it – Ggrrrr !!!

    So if you want to show support for the duchess by flashing your tits online, head over to –

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