Snacks Cost More Than the Movie

Deep down we all wish could take Cinemas to court for charging ridiculously absurd prices for their snacks. Well, some dude in the US did but instead of winning his lawsuit he was told by a judge to buy a subscription to Netflix and stop wasting my time.


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12 responses to “Snacks Cost More Than the Movie

  1. Binky

    I want free snacks!

  2. that’s why you see women with ridiculously large purses there.. They are filled with 99c candy from the drug store. I actually saw a woman pull out a bag of popcorn from her purse.
    we don’t eat for hours before going because the place we go has an awesome pizza shop with great sandwiches. dinner and movie all in one.

  3. Or head by Dollar Tree for candy and carry a very big purse. 😀

  4. I usually just eat the popcorn I find on the floor.

  5. I went to the movies with a friend one and the family in front of me paid over $120.00 for tickets, popcorn and coke for four. Red when you take all of yours it will be like a mortgage. I agree with this guy, they need to take FAMILIES into consideration. Even with the concession it’s still dear. A family is considered two adults two kids so you still have extra to pay if you have four kids.

    • 😯 😦 I usually only go to foreign films because I don’t have to be around noisy kids and people who eat really loudly. We have an arthouse cinema which allows you to take in wine …oh yeah !!! 🙂

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