Monster In The Lake

Good work Nessie

Feet up Siberian loons, there is a monster lurking in your lake and it likes lifting boats out of the water and wailing as it attacks. Good luck with that. Known by locals as “The Devil” it has been terrorizing  fishermen for years. The mystery has deepened this week with experts picking up a large object on their echo sounding device. Lake Labynkyr is located about 60km from the “coldest place on earth” yet despite all the other lakes in the area freezing over in winter, this lake never, ever freezes AND has no plant life!!!


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8 responses to “Monster In The Lake

  1. I wonder what’s keeping that lake from freezing? I guess warm monster will do that for you.

  2. Pretty interesting. But if the lake has no plant life, how can it support fish?

  3. Maybe the fishermen need to change their bait & they might catch it

  4. So that’s where the soviets were dumping their genetically engineered human-whale hybrids. I wondered what happened to those experiments. After the fall of the USSR, I imagine they wiped all traces of those records.

    I wonder what they did with all the monkey hybrids in their psionic humanzee super soldier program? Hope they didn’t use the time machine on them.

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