Stop Wriggling!!!

What do we have here then?

Doctors and nurses at a New Zealand hospital are stilled gathered around the water cooler whispering about a man who rocked up to emergency on the weekend with a short finned eel stuck up his bottom. No loons, they have no idea how it got there but they do have their theories!!!!


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7 responses to “Stop Wriggling!!!

  1. Graham Woodruffe - Mullaloo

    This is not unusal the other day I was preparing a salad and slipped and fell on the kitchen floor whilst peeling a cucumber which got lodged in my bottom for several hours
    Graham Woodruffe Mullaloo

  2. I think we all know how it got there.

  3. Androgoth

    Hey Loon eel have a job getting that one out 😦 lol

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