Hi Mom, Can I Ask A Favor?

Ewh, a woman in the US has survived a life threatening bacterial infection in her colon by having a poo transplant. Yep, the woman’s mom provided the feces that was transplanted by colonoscopy into her colon. I’m guessing they won’t be bringing that up at dinner parties!

Want source with that?



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9 responses to “Hi Mom, Can I Ask A Favor?

  1. Binky

    It’s actually becoming a somewhat common procedure. Apparently a lot of people’s GI bacterial balance is not what it should be.

  2. Bill

    That’s just … just … ewwwww

  3. The things people do to stay alive! 😯

  4. Ok if I ever get that infection do it but please don’t FRIGGIN TELL ME.

  5. When I had the ecoli bug they asked me to take along a poo sample and they gave me a tiny pooper scooper. How gross is that pooping and scooping? It haunts me till the day. You front up to the sugery and say “Ok crap you want crap you have”. I meet that nurse sometimes and it’s a bit “awkward”.

  6. Androgoth

    Yes that is all well and good, but I wonder
    how they will solve the problem of talking crap 🙂

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