Iran Fooled by The Onion

Oh dear, seems even Iranians can be fooled by The Onion (a bunch of satirical writers) . Iran’s News Agency reprinted a story that claimed a recent Gallup Poll revealed 77% of white rural voters would rather sit down and have a beer with Imadinnerjacket than Obama. It also claimed that 60% of rural whites respected the Iranian leader because he “doesn’t try to hide the fact that he’s Muslim,”. Of course none of this is true as we all know rural white would prefer drinking bourbon.

Here’s an example of The Onion



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3 responses to “Iran Fooled by The Onion

  1. I saw that video earlier today Loon, and the first thing I thought of was the Iran being fooled story! When will they learn that we are a “to be taken with a grain of salt” kind of country?!?!

  2. Those onions are such jokers. One escaped from the bag in the pantry the other day. It left a burning bag of poo on the verandah & rang the doorbell.

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