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Tree vs Zombies

What could be worse than this ….

I’m guessing this ….

Photo by Associate Press

Yes, there have been confirmed reports of coffins rising from the ground following Hurricane Sandy. RUN. ZOMBIES!!!!!


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Caffeine is the New Nicotine

Wait, I’m coming!!!

Hell have no fury like New Yorkers unable to get their daily fix of Starbucks. Seems when news traveled along the social media super info highway that a Starbucks was still open near Times Square during Hurricane Sandy, it was a no brainer….Honey, pack up the kids we are going in for a double mocha hazelnut skinny frappe latte, storm or no storm. Yep, people in their droves risked strong winds, pouring rain and the occasional flying object to get their caffeine fix, despite having to wait up to half an hour just to get served. That’s probably why the city never friggin sleeps!!!!!


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The Yeti Is Real

Oh crap, they’re onto us!!!!

Russian scientists have confirmed Sasquatches (Yetis) are real folks, real!!!! Evidently DNA tests from strange hairs found in a Siberian cave have been confirmed as belonging to an unknown mammal that is closely related to us homo sapiens.  I can see you all raising your eyebrows but no one from Jersey Shore has ever been to Russian let alone shed hair in a cave.

Want sauce with that?


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Damn You Gangnam Style!!!!




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Wall Street Floods


Nothing worse than wet trouser hems, has someone got a mop? It is being reported that there is 3 ft of water on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. That can’t be good.


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Don’t Worry, I Tied Everything Down

Honey, have you seen the kids?


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Halloween Fail


October 29, 2012 · 11:18 pm