Dangers of Rifle Fishing

OK here’s the thing Salmon fisherman, you don’t use a friggin .22 caliber rifle to catch your prey because a) it ain’t “fishing” and b)  the bullet may ricochet off a rock and hit you in your goddam noggin….. make that your temple!!! The man from Thurston County said that when he scratched his injury with his finger “the bullet fell out of his head in the river”

Psst Ironically he was treated and released from a local hospital, more than I can say for the poor salmon!!

2nd Psst Why thank you Craig Perry for your heads up on this story


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6 responses to “Dangers of Rifle Fishing

  1. Give this dude a laser pointer and send him into a hall of mirrors. I’m sure he won’t read the disclaimer: “Don’t look into laser with remaining eye.”

  2. Like shooting fish in a barrel

  3. He must’ve been fishing in some very shallow water.
    I saw an episode of ‘Mythbusters’ where they tested how far bullets will travel into a body of water – and they get nowhere before the water completely ‘absorbs’ the energy.

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