Honey, Are You Sure It’s Not A Weed?

Oh bless. An elderly couple, who had loving nurtured a plant they bought at a flea market, have avoided arrest after police described it as the “biggest cannabis plant we had seen”. The couple, who had no idea what they had bought, planted it outside their Bedford home in England and watched it grow.

but is looks so pretty


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11 responses to “Honey, Are You Sure It’s Not A Weed?

  1. I’m sure they have seen bigger

  2. Binky

    They may not have known, but it’s amazing no one else found it for themselves.

  3. Yes there are MUCH bigger just come to my brothers I mean my neighbours in Hepburn Springs. Chicken shit and water will do it. I have to admi,t it looks very healthy.

  4. They are a lovely looking plant. Too bad they get a bad reputation from druggos

  5. Aww, leave it alone, ye mean ol’ bobbies! It makes the old dears happy, it makes the neighborhood children happy…it probably reduced crime in their immediate area…it’s a win-win!

  6. Surprised the local’s weren’t offering their gardening services free of charge for the old folks and happy to take away the cuttings to … Well whatever.

  7. “It’s funny how them neighbor kids spent so much time in our yard. And ever since they police took that there pot plant, they don’t come around so much any more.”

  8. money..where is my money ? 20.000 pounds is all my…MONEEEEEY!

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