What Is That Smell?

Oh the dilemma, if you were a bus driver and a baby pooped in his diaper sending a stench throughout the bus, would you a) kick the mother and the smelly snowflake off the bus b) ask everyone to open the windows or c) hold your breath?  Well, to avoid being featured in a news story I wouldn’t pick a) for starters. Seems the woman, who was 4 months pregnant, was taking her sick child to the doctors when the pooping began.  This inevitably lead to the female driver , who could take no more, saying ‘your baby … smells really bad. And it’s not fair that we all have to smell that.’ before kicking her off. The woman then had to traipse a mile and a half  on foot with the sick bub to the doctors. Lucky doctor. Needless to say mother is pissed.


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7 responses to “What Is That Smell?

  1. Shit !

    I picked a) before reading the rest of the post

    Me, bad ! 😳

  2. As much as I hate dirty diapers I would not have picked A, even before I read the entire thing.

  3. Sorry get off and I’ll pay for a cab to pick you up

  4. And they were both pooped after the long walk.

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