Lance Armstrong Will Be Hard To Erase

The International Cycling Union in Geneva will erase every single one of Lance Armstrong’s cycling records.The titles for the Tour de France from 1999-2005 will now officially remain blank. The president of the International Cycling Union Pat McQuaid said in the press conference “He deserves to be forgotten in cycling,”

UPDATE : Lance Armstrong just removed mention of his 7 Tour de France wins from his Twitter Account . Heavy sigh.


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9 responses to “Lance Armstrong Will Be Hard To Erase

  1. Red

    What a load. We name buildings after murders and study Caligula. Really?

  2. Binky

    As if he’s the only one. I’m a cyclist, but cycling has been tainted by drug scandals since at least the 60’s. They always claim, though, that they’ve cleaned up the sport. Repeatedly.

    • Sadly it isn’t just cycling Binky. The whole world of sport has been tarnished. I must say I raised my eyebrows several times during the London Olympics.
      Psst I didn’t know they made bikes for wombats. Are the pedals higher up?

      • No, but there are 4 of them.

      • Binky

        Yes, I think the problem is widespread. I think they should just have the drugged out olympics to see how messed up these athletes can get.

        It’s a bit embarrassing, but I have to use one of those kiddie-cranks (pedal sets) mounted way up on the seat tube.

  3. Androgoth

    Those cyclists are always
    padaling… erm something Loon 🙂 lol

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