Umbrella vs Chainsaw

What do you do when your roomie cuts through your door with a chainsaw after you had the locks changed on your house? You grab your damn umbrella and run, then hope to hell the saw catches your shirt and gets jammed, so you can pin him down with your umbrella. That’s what a 76 year old Pennsylvania man did.  There is a year worth of nightmares, right there!!!!

Want sauce with that?


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Sore Loser, Well I Never

9 responses to “Umbrella vs Chainsaw

  1. Binky

    Luckily he wasn’t attacked by a man wielding an unbrellasaw.

  2. OMG! Talk about betting on a long-shot! 😯

  3. As i was in a state of my psycho killer alter ego the headline caught my attention. So it seems that umbrellas are more powerful than chainsaws. Ya just gotta make sure you keep them nice & sharp

  4. I hate being attacked with chainsaws. That’s why I always carry an umbrella.

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