Caffeine is the New Nicotine

Wait, I’m coming!!!

Hell have no fury like New Yorkers unable to get their daily fix of Starbucks. Seems when news traveled along the social media super info highway that a Starbucks was still open near Times Square during Hurricane Sandy, it was a no brainer….Honey, pack up the kids we are going in for a double mocha hazelnut skinny frappe latte, storm or no storm. Yep, people in their droves risked strong winds, pouring rain and the occasional flying object to get their caffeine fix, despite having to wait up to half an hour just to get served. That’s probably why the city never friggin sleeps!!!!!


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7 responses to “Caffeine is the New Nicotine

  1. Imagine the scene when they ran out of coffee…it would be just like the scene in the movie Airplane

  2. Woulda been easier to make up a Thermos

  3. Be kind Loon you know how the Yanks are lol.

  4. Binky

    I guess most people simple cannot make coffee at home anymore. It’s such a complicated recipe.

  5. Androgoth

    Look they just wanted their daily
    ration and coffee was on the menu 🙂
    I bet some of them were a bit
    disappointed as Starbucks is like
    that Moby Dick, everyone thought
    that it was a porno movie, I was going
    to say flick but then that would have
    rhymed and I am being serious for
    a change so what do you think about
    that Loon? 🙂 xxx

  6. Sadly enough, I think I would have been in that line. 🙂

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