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US Braces For Mother of All Storms

The mother of all storms is heading straight for the US and millions have been told to evacuate. From New York to Washington to Boston, people have been told to get the hell out of its way.  No one knows exactly what will  happen when Hurricane Sandy smashes into two other nasty weather systems but experts predict massive rain dumps (over 30cm), howling  winds of over 80m/h and  a deadly wall of water up to 3.3m high. Thoughts and prayers to all in its wake. Stay safe.

This is what Hurricane Sandy looks like from space …


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Massive Earthquake Rocks Canada

OMG, a 7.7 earthquake has just rocked Canada and there is a tsunami warning, eh. Reports of beer going fizzy and bacon jumping off plates was the first indicator something was up. The epicentre was near the Queen Charlotte Islands.


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A Chef’s Response To Bad Blog Review

‘wear first a condom on your tongue in order contain the orgasm of your ignorance’

Want sauce with that?


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Dogs Are Downright Dumb

When will dogs learn , you can’t mess with a kitty.


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Quick, Pass Me The Evidence Bag

You know what I hate? When you are booking some dude into jail and find a piece of a woman’s ear in his pocket. I really friggin hate that.

Want sauce with that?


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Nasty or Nice?

How far would a woman go to make her hubby faithful even after her death? Well, how’s about having your vagina carved into your gravestone? No? Well, Milena Marinkovic (75) from Serbia had hers carved just to remind her hubby of 50 years never to look at another woman. Prior to her death she had a photographer take photos of her privates so the sculptor could get it just right. Unfortunately it took the poor grieving widower some time to find someone who was willing to carve it. But now it’s done he’s as happy as punch. Mind you, he hasn’t told all her relis that the weird carving on her tomb is of her vagina. One poor soul asked why does the bird on her grave have such a large beak. Awkward!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Raining Sharks in California

You know what I hate? When you are about to tee off and a 2ft friggin shark (No, not Greg Norman silly) comes sailing through the air and makes you shank your shot. I really friggin hate that. A leopard shark was found thrashing around on the 12th tee of a golf course in Southern California after having apparently been plucked from the ocean and dropped on the tee by some dumbass seabird. A quick thinking golf marshall grabbed the shark, threw it in his golf buggy and took it back to the clubhouse where it was thrown into a bucket of water until someone realised it was a salt water creature. Quick, pass us the table salt.

A golfer then volunteered to drive the shark (in the bucket) back to the ocean where it played dead for awhile before swimming off into the wide blue yonder. Sheez, a chicken soup for the soul moment.

Psst Oh for crying out loud, in Australia it would have been a friggin great white!!!!

Thanks to Craig Berry for this shark tale.


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The Mayan Calendar Excuse

A Russian man is refusing to pay his traffic fine because he believes the Mayan calendar. Yep, he has told debt collectors the world will be ending on December 21 so it’s a pointless exercise paying the fine. Hmm, good luck with that.


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Where On Earth Is Valentine Logar?




Should we send out a search party?


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Epic Teacher Fail

Oh my, a Chinese pre school teacher was been given her marching orders after she posted a photo of herself lifting a kid off the ground by his ears!!! Evidently Yan Yanhong posted about 700 photos of children being abused in her school but claims they were taken by another teacher. When Yanhong was confronted by reporters she told them we “were just having fun”.

Kid being thrown backwards into a bin. 

We were just mucking around!


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