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Lost For Ideas This Christmas?

Hmm, so why not get someone you love a chocolate baby head this Yuletide,  compliments of Conjurer’s Kitchen …yummy. I wouldn’t pick the nose but I could be tempted to have an eye?

chocolate baby heads


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Diagnosis Of The Day



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Loon Nearly Gets Wiped Out By River Wave

For the past few days my little corner of the world has been suffering a massive spring storm.  Hello, I was nearly cleaned up by 5 flying wheelie bins before encountering the waves from hell on the highway. Those waves are from a river. Can you imagine how embarassing it would be to get wiped out by a river wave?


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Hip Hop Artist Forced To Cough Million Dollar Reward Money

OK, here’s the thing hip hop artist, if you happen to get your laptop stolen overseas don’t be offering a $1 million reward for its return unless you really mean it. A New York hip hopper who reneged on the reward money has been forced , by a New York jury,  to cough up $1 million to a dude in Germany who found it while walking his dog.  What the hell was on the laptop? The singer is claiming the dude was the one who had originally stolen it. Well, if that’s the case that’s a double bummer.


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When Implants Fail

Egads, this should be a warning to anyone considering a butt implant ….


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It’s The Season To Be Jolly

A woman in Denham Springs decided that Christmas time was the perfect time to get back at her neighbor. So up she went on her roof and deliberately layed out her Christmas lights to look like a hand flipping the bird. Fa Lalalala Lala La La ….


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How Do Spot An Illegal Poacher?

When you see blood flowing fom their SUV, that’s how.  OK, here’s the thing deer poachers, if you illegally shoot a deer and then stab it to death in your vehicle when it suddenly comes back to life,  you might want to clean up the mess before heading home. The clowns were caught when motorist began ringing the cops reporting that a SUV was dripping blood all over the highway.

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