What could possible go wrong?

So how was school?

Well little snowflakes from New York,  it’s time to go back to school following Hurricane Sandy. Yes, come Monday morning you will all be at your desks . Oh, but if you happen to find a psychiatric patient already at your seat no probs , you’ll be sharing. Seems many of the homeless and displaced mentally ill, who were evacuate to the schools during the storm, are basically still there and have no where else to go. So squeeze on in, grab a seat and don’t forget to share your crayons.


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7 responses to “What could possible go wrong?

  1. Binky

    A good opportunity for some new learning.

  2. Believe me it will be a new learning curve for all.

  3. This is something different from the norm?

  4. You gonna finish that lunch kid?

  5. I’m not sharing my crayons with some spotty faced little kid. They’re mine, mine, mine, all mine!!!

  6. George

    S-Someone ate all my crayons…..

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