Attention Voters

Um, to all those people still voting in the US Presidential election, STOP!!! It’s over. Obama wins. Meanwhile Mitt is going through his binder  trying to find answers.


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7 responses to “Attention Voters

  1. Romney called…he wants to add you to his binder

  2. Note that Ohio did the right thing

  3. Romney scared me. I was very confused on where he actually stood. Plus, I used to be in the 47% but pulled myself out. Nothing wrong with needing help once in a while. Most people try very hard to pull themselves back out and make a good living and help others in their time of need. Ohio did do the right thing as did my state Wisconsin. Even with all the beer and cheese they had enough sense to vote the right way.

  4. Done…better the devil you know than the one you don’t know…At least Obama appears more diplomatic than Romney. Romney would have upset a lot of foreign leaders with his arrogance. Back to collecting gold and growing the veggies in the garden as America continues to slide into the abyss dragging the entire World with them. Tooroo.. 😦

  5. Binky

    What? What???

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