Toilet Theme Park

Hey kids, jump in the car we are off to the new Restroom Cultural Park in South Korea. yes indeedy, it was built in honor of the city’s former mayor who was known as Mr Toilet. Seems he had an almighty obsession with toilets, most likely because he was reportedly born in his granny’s loo. Anywho, the theme park is all about toilets, which should go nicely with the annual Golden Poop Art Festival.


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8 responses to “Toilet Theme Park

  1. Androgoth

    What a crappy idea 😦 lol

  2. They can have some of my shitty art to line the walls.

  3. Not so sure I’d want to be on the janitorial crew…

  4. Good, no one’s said it yet. The squatting statue in the opening scene has what looks like a turd about to drop from his bum

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