RIP Tuck

My cat Tuck passed away on the weekend. He was a permanent fixture on my lap while I wrote my blog posts and worked on my websites. Tuck’s favorite blogs were Bearman’s and Wombania. He was also responsible for several accidentally posts….. silly dumbassed cat. Tuck was 14 and lived a long and very loud life.



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15 responses to “RIP Tuck

  1. Sad news. loon 😦

    //(((((((((((( Hugs )))))))))))) x

  2. Sorry to hear this. Lots of fond memories.

    Though I guess my stats will go down

  3. So sorry to hear this. I am very partial to cats. I’ve had four of them that lived to over 20 years – one to 24. They do become part of the family, don’t they?

  4. George

    I am very sorry to hear about this, Loon. You have my deepest and dearest sympathy. 😦

  5. Binky

    Very sorry to hear that, Loon. I just got to know him a little while ago when you posted a picture of him. I’m glad he lived a long life, and I’m sure you gave him everything he could have wanted, but losing a pet is always very hard.

  6. Binky

    And pretty lousy timing for the comic I just posted.
    Sorry about that.

  7. So long Tuck.
    He looks like he was a cool cat.

  8. I’m so very sorry to hear about Tuck, Loon…
    he sounds like he was a great friend…

  9. Androgoth

    Sorry about your cat passing Loon
    but I guess fourteen is a pretty good
    age and he was obviously cared
    for, so a very happy life for Tuck 🙂

  10. Androgoth

    I have clicked ‘LIKE’ because,
    well, I certainly like your Cat 🙂

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