Punishment Complete

Remember the woman who was ordred by a judge to hold up a sign as punishment for driving on the sidewalk to avoid waiting for a school bus to move? Yeah her. Well, she’s done it!



Filed under Friggin Awesome, Friggin Hilarious, Friggin Ohio Home of Bearman

10 responses to “Punishment Complete

  1. Binky

    Funny thing is she looks like she’s protesting the idiot who drove on the sidewalk.

  2. The sign should have said – “I am the idiot”

  3. I hope she wasn’t standing on a sidewalk
    (that could have been dangerous).

  4. The should have made her carry an ad instead. Maybe for pizza or something. Then they could have used the revenue to buy new books for the school.

  5. George

    They should make her remove the sunglasses. I wanna see them eyes. 🙂

  6. Had to make sure you knew it was OHIO!

  7. Androgoth

    Maybe a hat with Idiot written
    on it would have made sense 🙂

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