Serial Masturbator Strikes Again

OK, here’s the thing serial masturbator, when you are sitting on a staircase, in an alley, with your pants down around your ankles, spanking the sausage, and two cops tell you to stop,  don’t refuse and tell them to wait until your finished, that’s just gross.

Psst Seattle

2nd Psst Thanks to Craig Berry for the heads up and who adamantly denies it’s about him.

3rd Psst  No Bearman I’m not adding a piece of clipart for this post!!!!


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10 responses to “Serial Masturbator Strikes Again

  1. Androgoth

    He must have had his ups and downs 😦

  2. Really is this masturbation or a flash in the pan?

  3. Hey Friggin, please don’t use ‘clip art’ and snag in the same sentence. Gives me the willies, I mean, creeps me out!

  4. Tigertony

    I humbly submit this gif to accompany your post in place of the usual clip art: (sfw)

    At least the police seem to have a grip on the situation…

  5. That’s funny as hell! I can see his point though–it’s agonizing if you’re interrupted while masturbating!

    • I’m reminded of this joke:

      Studies have shown that 90 percent of men masturbate in the shower.

      The other 10 percent sing.

      Do you know what they sing?


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