Evil Has A Name

The statue of Abraham Lincoln in Florida has a nice little hole in it now, thanks to a naughty little kitty. Somehow the three week old devil managed to find its way inside the statue, forcing rescuers to drill a friggin hole into the sculpture to rescue him.  LOLcat.


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9 responses to “Evil Has A Name

  1. Scott

    That’s why–though I like cats–I’ve never been able to successfully keep one as a pet for long–a cat can get into anything!

  2. Gotta just love it. When louie was a kitchen he got n behind the pretend gas log fire and all we could hear was a faint meow. Bren was ready to all the fire brigade in but he got out all by himself. Well hello kitty took on a whole new meaning. They are indeed little nosey parkers.

  3. If they name the kitten John, Wilkes OR Booth, I’m moving. Possibly to another planet.

  4. Binky

    They couldn’t have lured it out with catnip?

  5. Damned confederate cat. I’ll bet he did that on purpose! 😉

  6. Mommy, why is that statue meowing?

  7. Androgoth

    It would have got out eventually,
    all it needed was a bit of tuna 🙂

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