Holy Bird Poop, Batman

What happens when you leave a hatch open for 30 years on a Swedish church tower?  You get two tonnes of pigeon poop that’s what!!!! Yep, for over three decades pigeons have been using the open hatch as a public toilet.  Bless!!


Filed under Friggin Gross, Friggin Wildlife, Whoops!

9 responses to “Holy Bird Poop, Batman

  1. And, when the bell is rung for the first time in 30 years – LOOK OUT!

  2. Scott

    Pigeons are the most stupid birds I’ve ever encountered. I only encounter them in the Walmart parking lot early in the morning. They just don’t get out of the way–I can’t park without honking first.

    • Scott

      On a darker note: I’d like to see every church in the world filled with pigeon poop! The Christians would have to borrow synagogues, mosques, and temples for their worship–and they’d learn that theirs is not the only legitimate religion after all!

  3. I think we all pretty much realise that already.

  4. the hunchback isn’t going to clean up that bell tower

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