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Just Saying

Yo Snooki, I’m really happy for you…I’ll let you finish. But Kim Kardashian is gonna have one of the best babies of all time! One of the best babies of all time! – Kanye West


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Leemings I Tell Ya , Lemmings!!!

Watch what happens when a guy accidentally ends up in an icy lake…. they all follow.



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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Loons, may your year be full of fun and giggles..

This little sign was found on the outside of a Chinese restaurant

Chinese Food sign


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Someone’s Grumpy

high five


December 31, 2012 · 12:21 am

Get a Job

Bank robber fails despite taking hostageSometimes it is just easier to rob a bank. A female bank employee was taken hostage by some dude at her home in Phoenix and held overnight. The next day he drove her to the Bank of America , placed a friggin device around her neck and told her to get him money. The cops were alerted , he fled and the bomb squad rocked up and removed the device from around her neck, which turned out to be a fake bomb.


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Russian Plane Crash Debris Hits Cars

You are driving along minding your own business when KABOOM, you are showered with Russian plane debris. I hate that. Lucky you caught it all on tape because you know how damn cynical insurance companies are these days.


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Honey, I Think Something Moved Over There

What the hell is wrong with you Florida? A park ranger had to kill a 17ft Burmese python that had taken a fancy to picnickers in the Everglades. This is not what you want!!!!



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Cluck Cluck Saves The Day

Get out, get out

Get out, get out

A Wisconsin couple are thanking their lucky stars they saved Cluck Cluck from their neighbor’s chopping block (when it stopped laying eggs) because the chook saved their lives. Seems when a fire broke out in their house the chicken, who was living in a cage in their basement, went berserk and began clucking hysterically. The raucous woke them up and they were able to escape. Cluck Cluck was later rescued by firefighters. Who wants a leg?


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The Ultimate Car Thief Fail

Man hands in stolen corvette because too expensive to hideOMG,OMG, OMG, you silly, silly, dumbass car thief.  A guy who stole a brand new red Chevrolet Corvette in 1989 has handed himself into police because it just got too expensive to hide it. Seems over the past two decades the damn car has cost him $70,000 in storage fees. When the San Diego police retrieved the Corvette it only had 67 miles on the clock and still smelled like a new car. Here’s the double dumbass bonus, the car was later sold on eBay for $39,741.

Psst The dude was an Irish immigrant .

Want sauce with that?


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Just One More Reason to Hate the Dentist

Woman has dentists drill removed from lungA woman in Sweden had to have surgery to remove a friggin dentist’s drill from her lung after it became unattached during an implant procedure and she swallowed it . Yeah, but how did it fall into her lung, a horrified Loon wants to know?


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