Australian Prime Minister Announces The End Of The World

Holy crap, the apocalypse is nigh, Julia Gillard said so. Run for your lives. I know a little place in France….


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8 responses to “Australian Prime Minister Announces The End Of The World

  1. Binky

    Flesh eating Wombies?? I’m suing for defamation!

  2. I denounce that idiot. She calls herself Prime Minister? Why, as a leader, would you make such a stupid statement to promote a radio station. I’ll just pop another morphine pill to kill the embarrassment. I am so sorry World…. She is a twat , ugly, moronic, stupid and please feel free to slap her…..

  3. If Julia says so then it must be true. I guess we’ll all save money on not having to do christmas shopping this December then

  4. Steve

    With all due respect, I hope her prediction is wrong. I just read a list of events organized in Toronto and some of them will take place after the controversial date. For example, my children would never forgive me if I had to cancel our visit of Disney on Ice. 😀

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