Waiter Fail

You know what I hate? When you get your restaurant receipt and it has “fat girls” printed on it. Seems the waiter added it to identify the customers. Needless to say they were really , really pissed.


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18 responses to “Waiter Fail

  1. I’d be angry to be called “fat girls” too, for any number of reasons.

  2. Oh..truth hurts so much…move on girls…you probably are fat so face it… Stop georging at restaurants cause that is a good way to get fatter… What should the waiter have done? Put “whale blubber” on your receipt? Roll away girls no bitching to be had…

  3. Fat girls, fat girls whatcha gunna do, whatcha gunna do when waiter comes for you…
    Waiters is filmed on location with the men & women of hospitality. All girls are presumed fat until proven skinny on biggest loser.

  4. Whoa. Haters gonna hate. Nothing wrong with a voluptuous woman. One man (or cretin)’s fat is another man’s gorgeous.
    fuck that waiter. and not in a way he’d enjoy.
    just saying.

    Some gal in Reno who has been teased and hurt unmercifully for 40 years..but is still a damned head-turning hottie

  5. Yeah if there’s one thing I detest it’s skinny men. Too many jagged edges. Nothing wrong with love handles my friends, absolutely nothing.

    • The more I read your comments the more I’m diggin’ you Celtic Queen.
      Always been voluptuous -as opposed to Fatty McFatterson- but it’s a life-long battle.
      Am hoping a waiter would at least make a note of BB on my table… Big Boobies hahaahahaha.
      The true plus of being built with an (oversized) hourglass figure.
      It’s sooooo easy to pick out the women with the fake boobies.

      Mom used to say: ‘Honey, you’re not fat as long as your tits stick out farther than your belly.’
      Words to live by 😉

      • Androgoth

        Hey stop bragging all the time
        we know you have a nice pear 🙂
        I like the look of your apples too

        Have a wicked one today Miss. R 😉

        Andro xxx

  6. That’s why I just used initials that only I would recognize when I was waiting. Like U.W. for Ugly Woman. 😀

  7. Yeah well — zaftig girl got fat wallet none of which azzhat waiter will see.

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