Man Goes Feral Over Undercooked Pizza

Man tries to drown wife in dog bowlWord of warning lady loons, never, ever undercook your man’s  pizza . Some guy tried to drown his wife in a dog bowl after he got pissed about the soft crust. Seems it wasn’t to his liking so he did what any pizza loving dude would do, he rubbed the missus’ face in the dog’s water bowl. When police arrived she was still dripping wet. Hmm, that’s a attempted murder, strangulation and battery charge right there.

Psst Florida


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6 responses to “Man Goes Feral Over Undercooked Pizza

  1. I wonder what the pizza in the lock up tastes like… plenty dog bowls to serve it in there….

  2. Binky

    I bet she won’t be bringing him takeout when he’s in prison.

  3. Anonymous

    Loon I love the dog. Lol cute as…..

  4. domestic violence is no laughing matter but . . . I’m sorry, the image of him trying to drown his wife by pushing her head into the dog’s drinking bowl. It’s too much. I can’t help myself. Me bad ? 😆

  5. Androgoth

    Good job it wasn’t porridge,
    mind you he will be sampling
    some of that after his crazy
    pizza frenzy 🙂

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