WWII Code Deciphered

WWII code found on pigeon decipheredPut your pens down loons we have a winner. Evidently, some Canadian World War I fanatic has cracked the encrypted WWII code found on a dead carrier pigeon in a chimney in England. Gord Young said it took 17 minutes to crack what British experts claim was undecipherable . Seems it was a system of basic acronyms. Awkward.

AOAKN – Artillery Observer At “K” Sector, Normandy
HVPKD – Have Panzers Know Directions
FNFJW – Final Note [confirming] Found Jerry’s Whereabouts
DJHFP – Determined Jerry’s Headquarters Front Posts
CMPNW – Counter Measures [against] Panzers Not Working
PABLIZ – Panzer Attack – Blitz
KLDTS – Know [where] Local Dispatch Station
27 / 1526 / 6 – June 27th, 1526 hours

Despite the code being cracked, the British experts at GCHQ are loathed to admit it has been decoded ….. by a Canadian.


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9 responses to “WWII Code Deciphered

  1. Androgoth

    I had that one cracked ages ago Loon
    mind you my version was completely
    different… Who knew? 🙂 lol

  2. That decoder ring I found in my cereal was totally over-rated.

  3. Binky

    Canadians are known for their exceptional code-cracking skills.
    And also for their wine gums.

  4. KLDTS seems to have been decoded incorrectly Loon. T stands for what exactly?

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